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Finland is one of the less polluted countries in the world. Long sunny days and cool nights give many herbs superior aromatic and medicinal content, compared with the ones grown in warmer countries
Research has revealed that herbs from Central Europe contain 2-7 times more heavy metals than Finnish herbs.


Our herbs are biologically grown at Frantsila Herb Farm and on a few other farms under controlled conditions and are certified organic
Wild herbs are gathered from unpolluted Finnish nature by selected gatherers
and also they are certified organic
No herbs are gathered near cities or industrial areas or closer than 500 meters
to any major road. The herbs are picked when they are at their best. We dry our herbs quickly at temperatures between 40oC and 60oC to perserve their qualities and ensure good microbiological purity.
Herbs are tested for effectiveness and microbiological purity
The herbal recipes are based on Finnish and other herbal traditions and on modern herbal science. We do not distribute herbs that have lost their aromatic or medicinal value
At Frantsila Herb Farm the herbs are examined carefully and processed into herb mixtures, extracts, spices and various skincare products.
In producing the herbal extracts and ointments we use gentle and time consuming extracting techniques so that sweet fragrances, subtle colours and vital energies are retained.
The oils we use are cold pressed, the majority of them are biologically grown
No animal testing is done by Frantsila. The only animal products that we use are beeswax, propolis, honey and lanoline, which cause no harm t o the animals
We use natural oils and plant products which when absorbed through the skin bring about beneficial results
Our products are usually suitable also for sensitive skin because natural ingredients seldom cause allergic reactions.
The main aim in the processing of our products is to preserve the healing powers of Finnish plants as much as possible. Finland pure nature, biological farming and optimal timing of harvesting and processing ensure the effectiveness of our herbal products.


Organically grown Herbs and Herbal Products
from Finland s pure nature since 1981

Frantsila Farm is a pioneer of organic herbal growing and a natural health product manufacturer in Finland. The Frantsila Organic Herb Farm is located 40km north west of Tampere, Finland. The area is environmentaly clean with a high percentage of organic farms adjoining the Frantsila property. The farm has been in the same family for at least 300 years. The growing of herbs on the farm started in 1981 when Virpi Raipala-Cormier and her husband Jim Cormier decided to establish a herbal centre. Virpi Raipala-Cormier has been working with herbs since early childhood. She started making herbal tea mixtures and growing culinary herbs as a young girl. She has had a continual interest in herbal growing and herbal medicine throughout her life. She studied Agriculture at the University of Helsinki and graduated as an agronomist. She has actively promoted organic growing methods and all of Frantsila farming is of course based on those principles. Jim Cormier has worked in gardens and has been interested in nature since early childhood. His interest in medicinal plants blossomed after completing high school and before entering university. He choose to study Agriculture and selected Plant science as his area of study. Throughout the University time and afterwords his interest in herbal medicine grew. From 1981 to the present time Virpi and Jim have led Frantsila Herb Farm through various phases of development. The early years were full of experimenting with different forms of organic growing. Many different types of medicinal plants were put through growing trials. The plants most suitable to the Finnish climate and those with the most worthy medicinal effect were selected for growing and production. The early years were also very busy with the development of an educational facility and educational programs to meet the thirst for knowledge of plants and healing; Frantsila School of Natural Healing was formed. Development of herbal medicines has been an ongoing process from the early days to present. A few hundred of natural health products have been developed over the years. By 1986 the public demand to visit the farm had grown to such an extent that a centre was established to meet this need. A public herbal exhibition garden was established. In the same area a vegetarian cafe and a herbal health product shop were opened. Here it is possible to give lectures to the public on different herbal topics such as growing, medicinal effect and culinary use. Frantsila is a very dynamic company and has won several awards for its contribution to the welfare of the community. Frantsila is networking also with other organic farmers and wildcrafters in Finland. The philosophical base of Frantsila Organic Herb Farm is to do as much good as possible and to help uplift the overall physical, mental, and emotional health of the public as well as protecting and improving the natural environment.

Frantsila Kehäkukkavoide 60 g
Our price: 18,00 €
Normal: 19,00 €
Frantsila Ravitseva KASVOVOIDE 40ml
Our price: 19,00 €
Normal: 20,00 €
Frantsila YRTIN RAIKAS Luonnon hammastahna 75 ml
Our price:7,00€
(alv 24%)
Our price:19,00€
(alv 24%)
Frantsila RUUSU KASVO-ÖLJY 30 ml
Our price: 19,00 €
Normal: 21,00 €
Frantsila HELLÄ LUOMUSHAMPOO    200ml
Our price:9,00€
(alv 24%)
Frantsila AURINKOVOIMA 50 g
Our price:10,00€
(alv 14%)
Frantsila APPELSIINI eteerinen öljy 10 ml
Our price: 5,00 €
Normal: 6,00 €
Frantsila Hellävarainen PUHDISTUSEMULSIO 110ml
Our price:19,00€
(alv 24%)
Frantsila Ruusuinen KASVOVESI 110 ml
Our price:19,00€
(alv 24%)
Frantsila KYLMÄNROPPI  yrttiuute 50ml
Our price:13,00€
(alv 14%)
Frantsila 11 YRTIN HOITOSALVA 19g
Our price: 12,00 €
Normal: 13,00 €
Our price:17,00€
(alv 24%)
Frantsila Koko perheen luomu Perusvoide   200ml
Our price: 21,00 €
Normal: 24,00 €
Our price:24,00€
(alv 24%)
Frantsila TEHOVOIDE AG – facial cream 40ml
Our price:21,00€
(alv 24%)
Frantsila Elvyttävä YRTTISAVINAAMIO 40ml
Our price: 15,00 €
Normal: 16,00 €
Frantsila Uudistava KUORINTAVOIDE 40 ml
Our price:16,00€
(alv 24%)
Frantsila KARITEVOI Shea butter, vartalovoi       55ml
Our price: 12,00 €
Normal: 13,00 €
Frantsila LAVENTELI eteerinen öljy 10 ml
Our price: 8,00 €
Normal: 9,00 €
Frantsila rose body butter 50 ml
Our price: 17,00 €
Normal: 18,00 €
Our price:17,00€
(alv 14%)
KUKKASETTI-24 pulloa
Our price: 179,00 €
Normal: 192,00 €
Our price:14,00€
(alv 24%)
Frantsila NOKKOS-PELTOKORTE-KALKKI puriste 120kpl
Our price:16,00€
(alv 14%)