Firming Facial Serum Peat & Rose 30 ml

Kiinteyttävä TURVE & RUUSU SEERUMI 30 ml, Frantsila
Kiinteyttävä TURVE & RUUSU SEERUMI 30 ml, Frantsila

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Firming and lifting organic serum helps preventing the appearance of fine lines and signs of ageing. The bioactive vitamin and antioxidant rich ingredients of rose, peat and yarrow increase the skin’s cellular metabolism, firming and smoothing fine lines.

Cold pressed organic vegetable oils of Rosehip seed, Sunflower seed and Jojoba: skin nourishing and stimulate healthy skin functions.

Finnish Peat and organic herbal extracts of Yarrow, Plantain, Self-heal, Red clover and Rose: help with treatment and preventive care of premature skin aging, providing the skin an effective supplement of antioxidants and healing skin tissue.

Organic extracts of Fig and Chestnut flower: contain antioxidants and active ingredients that help the skin retain its moisture and softness, treating and preventing wrinkles.

Genuine essential oils of Peppermint, Frankincense, Damask Rose and Palmarosa: stimulate cellular metabolism and are mood uplifting.

Finnish flower essences of Wood Crane’s Bill, Plantain and Wild Rose: are mood balancing and thus help maintaining the skin beautiful and radiant.

Apply gently on face and neck before moisturizer, in the morning and evening.